Introducing AlphaScan!

Eliminate administrative paperwork with AlphaScan, the number one recruiting tool for college coaches. Quickly scan team rosters and player profiles to export email addresses into a spreadsheet format with the help of smart scanning technology.


Smart Scanning powered by AlphasAl Technology

OCR Text recognition, document detection, and background removal

Over 95% email detection accuracy

Export options to .CSV or Excel files

Batch scanning, global metadata search, and saved documents

Subscription Plans

Choose from two types of subscription plans (Individual or Staff) with monthly, half-yearly, and yearly options. Free version offers unlimited scanning, but with a limited number of email exports. Upgrade to premium for unlimited exports and additional features.

Try AlphaScan Today!!

Get started with AlphaScan today by downloading the app from the App Store. Enjoy a free trial or subscribe to a premium plan to unlock the full power of AlphaScan.